Saturday, January 10, 2009

All is quiet on the front.

This silence, it is uneasy. Kodok lurks.

Be on your guard fellow Anti-Frog.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Only the most conniving and vile creatures use Goodness and Friendship as a facade to their inner evils.

Kodok says he knows he's a good frog.

It is propaganda of the most untrue kind, tethering on the verge of blasphemy.

Kodok is a vile creature. His powers of persuasion are strong.

But we fight on.

Greetings and Salutations

My fellow Anti-Frog, today is a red letter day.

Today is the day, where we come out and stand up against the oppression that is Frog. Namely, a bean-filled one who goes by the moniker of "Kodok".

Today is the day, of the Anti-Frog.

No more shall we give in to the silent madness of Kodok that is claiming the land. We shall take up arms. Blood shall be shed. Spears will be shattered. But at the end of the day, we will emerge the victor!

There is no room for peace in the war against Kodok-ism.

But beware my fellow freedom fighters, for our old adversary, The Melissa, Guardian of All That Is Kodok and Frog, is willy and cunning in her actions. She is what stands between us and the extermination of Kodok.

Right now, The Melissa is probably already formulating a plot against our cause. Her powers know no bounds, and I personally have seen the horrors that ensue when one does battle with her. She is a danger and must not be taken lightly.

Day by day, The Melissa's power grows, as Kodok whispers instructions of malice and hate against us to her.

The final battle is near brethren. But take heart! And remember your families, friends and the insects Kodok feeds on as you fight.

Glory and Honor,
Chief Anti-Frog Bryan

Hello Kodok

We are the Anti-Frog.

We want to fight you.